Educate with Educo Episode 1: Black Friday Shopping

Educate with Educo Episode 1: Black Friday Shopping

November 01, 2023

This month, Laura Scholz shares insights and tips for navigating Black Friday, expressing her enthusiasm for the shopping holiday.

She reminisces about the traditional rush of early morning shopping trips and the excitement of finding special deals with family, highlighting the changes in Black Friday dynamics over time. Laura offers practical advice, such as making a budget-conscious shopping list, utilizing credit card cash-back features, and seeking out online deals and coupons in advance. Additionally, she suggests purchasing gift cards at grocery stores for fuel perks, leveraging discounts for military, first responders, healthcare workers, and students, and exploring promotions at local restaurants. Lastly, she emphasizes the importance of kindness during the holiday shopping frenzy, urging shoppers to be considerate and compassionate toward others amidst the stress of the season, and wishing everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

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